How To Order

Order in few simple steps: CHOOSE, CLICK, ADD, & PAY!


1.CHOOSE: Browse through the PRODUCTS for the item you want. Once done, click the PRODUCT IMAGE or the PRODUCT NAME.

Once you click the PRODUCT IMAGE  or the PRODUCT NAME you will be redirected to the PRODUCT PAGE.


This page contains a detailed description of the product you have choosen, provides you with with the product description, features, and product price.


2.CLICK & ADD: After choosing the product you want, and choosing the options for your item (size, color and quantity), you are now ready to place your order, simply click the ADD TO CART green button and you will be redirected to your shopping cart.   


3.VIEW THE SHOPPING CART: The shopping cart containes the products you have “added to your cart”, you can also edit the quantity of the product you wish to purchase, simply type in a number in the text box and press ENTER! You can also click on the white background and the page will refresh itself.


 ***If changing preferred size and color of the chosen product you have to go back to the PRODUCT PAGE and repeat the process.


4.FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM: Fill in the required fields regarding your shipping information. If you have DISCOUNT CODE, you need to type it in the DISCOUNT FIELD and click apply (Please type in the code exactly as you have received it so that it can be processed by the system).

***All information must be typed in ENGLISH FORMAT as the system only supports this kind of format. Failure to provide necessary information in this format can cause a delay in the processing and delivery.

***Please make sure that all of your vital information is typed correctly, as we can only make changes in the shipping details within 12 hours after placing the order.  


5.CHOOSE A SHIPPING AND PAYMEND METHOD: Choose your preferred shipping method from the list and click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT,  here you need to fill in your CREDIT CARD details or you can choose PayPal to complete your payment.



***Shipping costs and delivery times vary depending on your location. Delayed logistics and customs clearings may also affect delivery time.


***For PayPal users, please make sure that the BILLING ADDRESS is the same as your PayPal ADDRESS.


6.ORDER CONFIRMATION: Once done with steps 1-5 you will be redirected to the order confirmation page and futher information will also be sent through the electronic mail (e-mail).


***Please make sure you have supplied us with a valid and working e-mail address to ensure that you receive the information that we will send to your e-mail.  

Happy Shopping!